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[16:48] pologatin: a friend told me about this
[16:48] Lelozinms: where i put in my Address?
[16:48] jomafe: i am fine with having free btc how about you
[16:48] lucasrl bb: why would someone just go here to hate and spam pff
[16:48] Andreolco: I thought faucets is slowly dying, i hope this kind of doubler will get some interest in btc back
[16:48] mintyamasuke: where do you come from?
[16:48] jary06: i wish i found this earlier
[16:48] Poder3: You should give it a try
[16:48] Htopeludo: Works on bitgo?
[16:49] comandoromulo: best btc website
[16:49] pdptjr: Likely, but I think one day this will fail
[16:49] Andreolco: brb
[16:49] feguik: I sent 0.1 BTC from another address and wasnt problems
[16:49] faxdeconta: so far I am cool with this
[16:49] andsns: you will not receive any btc if you dont pay BTC
[16:49] davidsm159: PM me pls
[16:49] Kingsamurai: i thought my friend wanted to fool me with this website link. but you can rly get btc here if you dont mess up with the fee confirmations
[16:50] leomgalindo: have doubled btc already. thanx God
[16:50] zhane2: great doubler good i found this
[16:50] TATA27: okay
[16:50] MorbidGore: nice
[16:50] burillos8547: I suggest to invest more and more BTC for Earn more and more BTC.. i am rich now.
[16:50] nogava: so when will bitcoin arrive?
[16:50] 44Forty: When I will receive my BTC?
[16:50] drigornr: Nice
[16:50] phaelphod: hi all who has some btc for me
[16:50] Afonso8475: this website is used a lot sometimes you have to wait a bit
[16:50] Jord4nn: @ Viper, you said that have already 4 BTC ?
[16:51] iagoo123: i love BTC so much
[16:51] iagoo123: incredible
[16:51] rudinpsy: yo guys dont spam okay
[16:51] jgspires: I received now btc. post here TX address?
[16:51] michaeljs: maybe
[16:51] andre486579: okay i applied thank you
[16:51] iagoo123: thank you for messaging me man
[16:51] golem 3: i can only recommend this stuff
[16:51] Shin head: where do all of you come from
[16:51] wyxzero: this still works at the moment
[16:51] wyxzero: I know
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